Admission Information


Introduction to the Full English Curriculum in Chemistry (Master / Doctoral Program)

The Full English Curriculum in Chemistry is a graduate program proposed by the Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan Normal University. It offers courses in English for international students who wish to obtain master or/and doctoral degrees from the Department of Chemistry.

For the Master Program, each student belongs to one of the five research groups of the Department: (i) Organic Chemistry, (ii) Inorganic Chemistry, (iii) Physical Chemistry, (iv) Analytical Chemistry, and (v) Applied Chemistry. It will take 1 to 4 years to complete the degree, while the doctoral program needs to spend 2 to 7 years to obtain the degree.

The academic year of the Full English Curriculum Programs begin in August for the admission of fall semester and in February for spring semester.


Application Eligibility

Applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

Master’s Program

Those who have graduated, or are expected to graduate, from a university by July 31 for fall admission and January 31 for spring admission that year.

Doctoral Program

Those who have earned, or are expected to earn, a master’s degree by July 31 for fall admission and January 31 for spring admission that year.

Application Requirements

Departmental Requirements

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. All transcripts in English at the undergraduate level and above. Please include class ranking and the number of students in the class for undergraduate level
3. A photocopy of the diploma (in English) of the highest academic degree
4. Two recommendations (in English)
5. Research proposal or Statements of Purpose (SOP)
6. Academic publications if any, and any documents that might be supportive (e.g. certificates of awards and honors, etc.)

General Requirements

For the general requirements and regulations, please refer to the Admission Prospectus announced by the Office of International Affairs, NTNU.

How to Apply?

Please fill On-line Application Form and submit the documents and materials required according to the admission prospectus either by mail or in-person delivery to the Division of Recruitment and Development, Office of International Affairs (OIA), NTNU before the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.

For the further information visit “National Taiwan Normal University International Student Application” website. For the enquiry about application procedure, please email to oia@deps.ntnu.edu.tw

Application Closing Date for the Academic Year 106 (2017/2018):

Spring semester 2017: October 31, 2017

Admission Announcements Date for the Academic Year 106 (2017/2018):

Spring semester 2017: December 8, 2017


International students can apply for scholarship and/or tuition fee waiver. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and a selection will be based on merit.

For further information, please visit to the Office of International Affairs (OIA), NTNU website.

Contact Information:

For the enquiry about application procedure, please email to the Office of International Affairs: oia@deps.ntnu.edu.tw

For the enquiry about the program, please contact chem@deps.ntnu.edu.tw, or you may contact program advisor for further consultation.