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  1. Journal Articles
    1. 15. E. Y. Li*, T.-Y. Jiang, Y. Chi and P.-T. Chou*. "Semi-quantitative assessment of the intersystem crossing rate: an extension of the El-Sayed rule to the emissive transition metal complexes", Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2014, DOI: 10.1039/c4cp03540b
      14. L.-Y. Hsu*, E. Y. Li* and H. Rabitz*, "Single-Molecule Electric Revolving Door", Nano Letters, 13(11), 5020-5025 (2013)
      13. E. Y. Li* and N. Marzari*, "A Natural Helical Crystal Lattice Model for Carbon Nanotubes", Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 9(4), 1865-1871 (2013)
      12. E. Y. Li* and N. Marzari*, "Conductance Switching and Many-Valued Logic in Porphyrin Assemblies", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 4(18), 3039-3044 (2013)
      11. S.-H. Chang, C.-F. Chang, J.-L. Liao, Y. Chi*, D.-Y. Zhou, L.-S. Liao*, T.-Y. Jiang, T.-P. Chou, E. Y. Li*, G.-H. Lee, T.-Y. Kuo, and P.-T. Chou*, "Emissive Osmium(II) Complexes with Tetradentate Bis(pyridylpyrazolate) Chelates", Inorganic Chemistry, 52(10), 5867-5875 (2013)
      10. E. Y. Li and N. Marzari*,"Improved Intertube Electrical Conductivity of Carbon Nanotube Networks Cross-Linked by Transition Metals: A First-Principles Study", ACS Nano, 5(12), 9726-9736 (2011)
      9. E. Y. Li, N. Poilvert and N. Marzari*, "Switchable Conductance in Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes via Reversible Sidewall Bond Cleavage", ACS Nano, 5(6), 4455-4465 (2011)
      8. C.-H. Fang, Y.-L. Chen, C.-H. Yang, Y. Chi*, Y.-S. Yeh, E. Y. Li, Y.-M. Cheng, C.-J. Hsu, P.-T. Chou* and C.-T. Chen, "Iridium(I) pyridyl azolate complexes with saturated red metal-to-ligand charge transfer phosphorescence; Fundamental and potential applications in organic light-emitting diodes." Chemistry-A European Journal, 13(9), 2686-2694 (2007)
      7. C.-H. Lai*, E. Y. Li and P.-T. Chou*, "Isomerization reactions of RSNO (R=H, CnH2n+1 n <= 4)", Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, 117(1), 145-152, (2007)
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      5. Y.-M. Chen, E. Y. Li, G.-H. Lee and P. T. Chou*, S.-Y. Lin, C.-F. Shu, K.-C. Hwang, Y.-L. Chen, Y.-H. Song and Y. Chi* "Strategic design and synthesis of osmium(II) complexes bearing a single pyridyl azolate pi-chromophore; Achieving high-eciency blue phosphorescence by localized excitation", Inorganic Chemistry, 46(24), 10276-10286 (2007)
      4. C.-H. Lai, E. Y. Li, K.-Y. Chen, T. J. Chow*, P.-T. Chou*, Theoretical Investigation of Cheletroptic Decarbonylation Reactions" Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2(4), 1078-1084 (2006). 
      3. E. Y. Li, Y.-M. Cheng, C.-C. Hsu, P.-T. Chou*, and G.-H. Lee, I.-H. Lin, Y. Chi* and C.-S. Liu "Neutral Ru(II)-Based Emitting Materials: A Prototypical Study on Factors Governing Radiationless Transition in Phosphorescent Metal Complexes" Inorganic Chemistry, 45 (20), 8041 -8051 (2006)
      2. Y.-L. Tung, L.-S. Chen, Y. Chi*, P.-T. Chou*, Y.-M. Cheng, E. Y. Li, G.-H. Lee, C.-F. Shu*, F.-I. Wu, and A. J. Carty*, "Orange and red organic light-emitting devices employing neutral Ru(II) emitters: rational design and prospects for color tuning" Advanced Functional Materials,16(12), 1615-1626 (2006).
      1. C.-Y. Wang, Y.-S. Yeh, E. Y. Li, Y.-Y. Liu, S.-M. Peng, S.-T. Liu*, and P.-T. Chou*, "A new class of laser dyes, 2-oxa-bicyclo[3.3.0]octa-4,8-diene-3,6-diones, with unity fluorescence yield" Chemical Communications, 25, 2693-2695 (2006).
  2. Symposium Papers & Conference Proceedings
Unit Title Department Position Date
National Taiwan Normal UniversityAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Chemistry 2012-08 ~ 2016-07
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPostdoctoral fellowDepartment of Materials Science and Engineering 2011-06 ~ 2012-07
National Taiwan UniversityResearch AssistantDepartment of Chemistry 2005-08 ~ 2006-06
Academic Degrees
School Nation Department Degree Date
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUnited StatesDepartment of ChemistryPh. D2006-09 ~ 2011-06
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanDepartment of ChemistryB.S.2002-09 ~ 2005-05
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