Name Yi-Hsin Liu
Lab TEL 02-77496184
Office TEL 02-77496116
FAX No.  
Address. Office@F319 Lab@D403A
E-mail yliu@ntnu.edu.tw
Lab. Website http://liulab111.wix.com/index
Classification Full-Time
Title Assistant Professor
Research Inorganic materials for optical, eletrical, magnetic and thermoelectric applications
Research Specialization Inorganic chemistry, solid-state material chemistry, nanotechnology
Student Paul Chen, Alex Hsieh, Igor Chao

Academic Researches

  1. Journal Articles
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  2. Dissertation
    1. Surface Passivation of Colloidal II-IV Semiconductor Quantum Belts and Quantum Wires: Synthesis, Mechanism and Optical Studies

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    2. Modification and Coating of mesoporous silica: Silylation, Esterification and Metal Oxides Grafting

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  3. Symposium Papers & Conference Proceedings
    1. 2014   The 247th ACS National Meeting (Dallas, TX)  [Oral] Oriented growth of 1D CdSe and 0D Bi quantum structures from vertical sub-10nm hard templates; [Poster] Time-resolved pore expansion upon growth of mesoporous silica nanoparticles via in situ small-angle X-ray scattering. 
      2013   The 246th ACS National Meeting with 1st International Symposium on Mesoporous Zeolites  (Indianapolis, IN) [Oral] Growth of vertical mesoporous silica channels via cooperative assemblies at interfaces. 

      2010   The 239th ACS National Meeting (San Francisco, CA) [Oral] Spectroscopic Analysis of Surface Passivated CdTe Quantum Wires. 

      2008   The 236th ACS National Meeting (Boston, MA) [Poster] Synthesis of CdSe Nanobelts of Varying thickness by Oriented Attachment. 

      2007   The 234th ACS National Meeting (Philadelphia, PA) [Oral] Growth of Aluminum-Silicon Alloy Nanowires on Sapphire Substrates. 

      2002   The 3rd International Mesostructured Materials Symposium (Jeju, Korea)  [Poster] Surface Modification of the Uncalcined Acid-Made Mesoporous Silica Materials in a One-Step Procedure.

      2001   The 13th International Zeolite Conference (Montpellier, France)  [Poster] Chemical Coating of the Aluminum Oxides Onto Mesoporous Silicas by One-Pot Grafting Method. 
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Research ProjectsOverview
Year Project Name Participator Assignment Period 補助/委託機構 Attach File/Reference Link Note
105 Yi-Hsin Liu 2016-08 ~
103 Yi-Hsin Liu 2014-10 ~
Unit Title Department Position Date
National Taiwan UniversityPostdoctoralDepartment of Chemistry 2012-09 ~ 2014-07
The Ohio State UniversityPostdoctoralDepartment of Chemistry 2010-10 ~ 2012-08
National Taiwan UniversityAssistantCenter for Condensed Matter Sciences 2004-05 ~ 2004-07
 Lieutenant  2003-05 ~ 2014-04
Academic Degrees
School Nation Department Degree Date
Washington University in St. LouisUSADepartment of ChemistryPh.D.2004-08 ~ 2010-08
National Taiwan UniversityTaiwanDepartment of ChemistryM.A.2000-09 ~ 2002-06
National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwanDepartment of ChemistryB.A.1996-09 ~ 2000-06
Awarded Year Award Arwarding Unit
Off-campus ExcellenceOverview
Awarded Year Award Arwarding Unit
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