Name Chia Her Lin
Lab TEL (02)77496167
Office TEL (02)77496221
FAX No. (02)29324249
Address. 11677 No. 88, Sec. 4, Ting-Chow Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
E-mail chiaher@ntnu.edu.tw
Lab. Website https://chiaherlingroup.wixsite.com/chlin
Classification Full-Time
Title Professor
Research Inorganic Chemistry、Solid State Chemistry、Hydrothermal Reaction、Metal-Organic Framework(MOF)、Porous Materials
Research Specialization 1. Synthesis and Structure Identification of Metal-Organic frameworks, MOFs
2. MOFs Selective Adsorption Gas Separation and Storage (CO2 capture, H2 and CH4 storage)
3. MOFs for Functional Applications

Academic Researches

  1. Journal Articles
    1. Sheng-Han Lo, Liang Feng, Kui Tan, Zhehao Huang, Shuai Yuan, Kun-Yu Wang, Bing-Han Li, Wan-Ling Liu, Gregory S. Day, Songsheng Tao, Chun-Chuen Yang, Tzuoo-Tsair Luo, Chia-Her Lin*, Sue-Lein Wang*, Simon J. L. Billinge, Kuang-Lieh Lu*, Yves J. Chabal*, Xiaodong Zou and Hong-Cai Zhou* (2020, Jan). Rapid desolvation-triggered domino lattice rearrangement in a metal–organic framework. Nature Chemistry, volume 12, pages90–97. Reference LinkReference Link
    2. Yu‐Ching Kuo Dr. Souvik Pal Fang‐Yu Li Chia‐Her Lin* (2019, Oct). Polystyrene-Supported Core–Shell Beads with Aluminium MOF Coating for Extraction of Organic Pollutants. Chemistry—An Asian Journal, 14 (20), 3675 – 3681. Reference LinkReference Link
    3. Rasu Muruganantham, Irish Valerie Buiser Maggay, Lyn Marie Z. De Juan, Mai Thanh Nguyen, Tetsu Yonezawa, Chia-Her Lin,* Yan-Gu Lin and Wei-Ren Liu* (2019, Oct). Electrochemical exploration of the effects of calcination temperature of a mesoporous zinc vanadate anode material on the performance of Na-ion batteries. Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers, 6(10), 2653-2659.  Reference LinkReference Link
    4. Jing-Cheng Huang,a Yung-Han Shih,a Stephen Lirio, Shiuan-Yau Wu, Hsin-Tsung Chen, Wan-Ling Liu,* Chia-Her Lin* and Hsi-Ya Huang (2019, Apr). A simple approach to achieve a metastable metal oxide derived from carbonized metal–organic gels. Chemical Communications, 55, 4475-4478. Reference LinkReference Link
    5. Pei-Chi Cheng, Bing-Han Li, Feng-Shuen Tseng, Po-Ching Liang, Chia-Her Lin,* and Wei-Ren Liu* (2019, Jan). Synthesis, Structures and Electrochemical Properties of Lithium 1,3,5-Benzenetricarboxylate Complexes. Polymers, 11(1), 126. Reference LinkReference Link
    6. Stephen Lirio, Yung‐Han Shih, Shu‐Ying Hsiao, Jian‐Hong Chen, Hsin‐Tsung Chen, Wan‐Ling Liu,* Chia‐Her Lin,* Hsi‐Ya Huang (2018, Sep). Monitoring the Effect of Different Metal Centers in Metal–Organic Frameworks and Their Adsorption of Aromatic Molecules using Experimental and Simulation Studies. Chemistry - A European Journal, 24(53), pp. 14044-14047.  Reference LinkReference Link
    7. Yu‐Tzu Chang, Sheng‐Han Lo, Chia‐Her Lin,* Ling‐I Hung,* Sue‐Lein Wang* (2018, Aug). Indium Phosphite-Based Porous Solids Exhibiting Organic Sensing and a Facile Route to Superhydrophobicity. Chemistry - A European Journal, 24(48), pp. 12474-12479.  Reference LinkReference Link
    8. Chung‐Wei Fu, Stephen Lirio, Yung‐Han Shih, Wan‐Ling Liu,* Chia‐Her Lin,* Hsi‐Ya Huang (2018, Jul). The Cooperativity of Fe3O4 and Metal-Organic Framework as Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Laser Desorption Ionization Process. Chemistry - A European Journal, 24(38), pp. 9598-9605.  Reference LinkReference Link
    9. Yuan-Han Li, Sue-Lein Wang,* Yu-Chia Su, Bao-Tsan Ko,* Chen-Yen Tsai, Chia-Her Lin* (2018, Jul). Microporous 2D indium metal-organic frameworks for selective CO2 capture and their application in the catalytic CO2 -cycloaddition of epoxides. Dalton Transactions, 47(28), pp. 9474-9481.  Reference LinkReference Link
    10. Kulandaivel Sivasankar, Karuppasamy Kohila Rani, Sea-Fue Wang,* Rajkumar Devasenathipathy, Chia-Her Lin,* (2018, Jun). Copper nanoparticle and nitrogen doped graphite oxide based biosensor for the sensitive determination of glucose. Nanomaterials, 8(6),429.  Reference LinkReference Link
    11. Kulandaivel Sivasankar, Rajkumar Devasenathipathy, Sea-Fue Wang,* Karuppasamy Kohila rani, Duraisamy Senthil Raja, Chia-Her Lin* (2018, Mar). Synthesis of hierarchical mesoporous graphite oxide/Al2O3 from MIL-100(Al) for the electrochemical determination of caffeic acid in red wine samples. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 84, pp. 188-195.  Reference LinkReference Link
    12. Madhan Vinu, Duraisamy Senthil Raja, Yue-Chun Jiang, Ting-Yu Liu, Ya-Yun Xie, Yi-Feng Lin,, Chun-Chuen Yang, Chia-Her Lin,, Saad M. Alshehri, Tansir Ahamad, Rahul R. Salunkhe, Yusuke Yamauchi, Yu-Heng Deng, KevinC.-W. Wu* (2018, Feb). Effects of structural crystallinity and defects in microporous Al-MOF filled chitosan mixed matrix membranes for pervaporation of water/ethanol mixtures. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 83, pp. 143-151.  Reference LinkReference Link
    13. Madhan Vinu; Wei-Cheng Lin; Raja, Duraisamy Senthil; Jeng-Liang Han*; Chia-Her Lin* (2017, Oct). Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Nanoporous Aluminum-Based Coordination Polymers as Catalysts for Selective Sulfoxidation Reaction. Polymers , Vol. 9 Issue 10, p1-11.  Reference LinkReference Link
    14. Duraisamy Senthil Raja, Chih-Chiung Pan, Chia-Wei Chen, Yu-Hao Kang, Jiun-Jen Chen* and Chia-Her Lin* (2016, Sep). Synthesis of Mixed Ligand and Pillared Paddlewheel MOFs using Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate Material as Sustainable Ligand Source. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 231, 186-191.  Reference LinkReference Link
    15. Ming-Jhe Sie, Chia-Her Lin*, Sue-Lein Wang* (2016, Jun). Polyamine-Cladded 18-Ring-Channel Gallium Phosphites with High- Capacity Hydrogen Adsorption and Carbon Dioxide Capture. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 138 (21), 6719–6722.  Reference LinkReference Link
    16. Sheng-Han Lo, Duraisamy Senthil Raja, Chia-Wei Chen, Yu-Hao Kang, Jiun-Jen Chen*, Chia-Her Lin* (2016, Jun). Waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials as sustainable precursors for the synthesis of nanoporous MOFs, MIL-47, MIL-53(Cr, Al, Ga) and MIL-101(Cr). Dalton Trans., 45, 9565–9573.   Reference LinkReference Link
    17. Yung-Han Shih, Chien-Ping Fu, Wan-Ling Liu, Chia-Her Lin*, Hsi-Ya Huang* and Shengqian Ma* (2016, Apr). Nanoporous Carbons Derived from Metal-Organic Frameworks as Novel Matrices for Surface-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Small, 12(15), 2057–2066.  Reference LinkReference Link
    18. Brenda Singco, Li-Hao Liu, Ya-Ting Chen, Yung-Han Shih, Hsi-Ya Huang*, Chia-Her Lin* (2016, Mar). Approaches to drug delivery: Confinement of aspirin in MIL-100(Fe) and aspirin in the de novo synthesis of metaleorganic frameworks . Microporous and Mesoporous Materials , 223, 254-260.   Reference LinkReference Link
Unit Title Department Position Date
Chung Yuan Christian UniversityProfessorDepartment of Chemistry 2013-08 ~ 2019-07
Academic Degrees
School Nation Department Degree Date
National Tsing Hua UniversityTaiwanDepartment of ChemistryPh D1998-09 ~ 2002-02