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Name Gaston J. C. Wu
Lab TEL (02)77346146
Office TEL (02)77346120
FAX No. (02)22392404
Address. (11677)No. 88, Sec. 4, Ting-Chow Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, 11677, R.O.C.
E-mail gastonwu43@gmail.com
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Classification Full-Time
Title Professor
Research Analytical and Environmental Chemistry,
Environmental Toxicology
Research Specialization Our research interests include designing instruments for monitoring environmental pollutants in different media, degradation studies of pollutants, techniques for treatments of pollutant, quality control and assurance of analytical laboratory, product safety for consumers and environmental education.
Laboratory Analytical Chemistry Research Lab /

Academic Researches

Unit Title Department Position Date
Consumers' Foundation, Chinese Taipei (CFCT)  Board Member and Secretary General ~
EPA, Taiwan Board of EPA advisorsAdvisor ~
Chinese National Accreditation Board (CNAB)  Board member ~
Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF)  Division Chairman ~
Chinese National Standard Committee (CNS), Ministry of Economy, Taiwan Chairman  ~
Chinese National Standard (CNS), Ministry of Economy, Technical Committee Chairman and Committee Member  ~
National Committee of Metrology Chairman of Chemistry Division  ~
Green Procurement Jury, Environmental Protection Administration, Goverment of the Republic of China Committee Member  ~
Chinese Environmental Analytical Society (CEAS)  President and Board of Executives ~
National Science Council (NSC), Taiwan Analytical Chemistry GroupConvener and Chair ~
National Science Council (NSC)Chairman of Analytical Chemistry DivisionChemistry Center  ~
National Taiwan Normal UniversityProfessorDepartment of Chemistry 1992 ~
Academic Degrees
School Nation Department Degree Date
Louisiana State UniversityU.S.ChemistryPh.D. ~ 1984
National Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwanChemistryB.S.1973-09 ~ 1977-06
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