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Master Degree Program for NTNU Department of Chemistry

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I.                   In Chemistry you should take at least 24 credits before graduate. Included 4 major field courses equal to 12 credit, If you take advanced courses in undergraduate (summer course) and score point over 85 can courses credit, maximum is 6 credit and should permitted by advisor and have register. 

II. If you graduate from NTNU Chemistry and have took advanced courses not included in undergraduate credit can be courses credit for 2 minor field courses, 6 credit at maximum, not NTNU Chemistry will not take the rule.

III. Before graduate should take 4 semesters of Seminar(2 credit) and4 semesters of Seminars of contemporary chemistry(1 credit)

IV. Major field courses




Organic chemistry

Spectroscopy in organic chemistryorganic reaction mechanismorganic synthesisTopic of Organic ChemistryBiochemistryTopics in BiochemistryAdvanced biochemistry(I)

7 take 2

Inorganic Chemistry

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry(I)Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (II)


Physical Chemistry

Chemical KineticsQuantum ChemistryChemical ThermodynamicsStatical thermodynamicsSpecial Topics in Physical chemistryAtom and Molecular SpectroscopyMolecular Modeling

7 take 2

Analytical Chemistry

Advanced Analytical Chemistry (I)Advanced Analytical Chemistry (II)Special Topics in Analytical ChemistryAnalytical Electrochemistry

4 take 2

Applied Chenistry

Unit OperationAdvanced Chemistry IndustriesSpecial Topics of advanced chemistry IndustriesAdvanced Polymer Chemistry

4 take 2

V. Other condition

(a) You should take major field courses and at least 1 minor field course, BTW, advanced biochemistry(II) can be the minor of organic chemistry field.

(b) If you have college diploma but your chemistry major is not enough should make-up the courses and the other advanced or special topics courses before graduated

(c) If you don’t have college diploma should make-up 4 fields (organic chemistry, inorganic , physical chemistry and analytical chemistry) courses.

VI. first semester of the master student should take 6 credit at least and maximum is 18 credit.

VII. If you change major field or change advisor should change all documents in office and at least after 3 semesters finished all course and study then can be graduate.

VIII. If you want to take education courses should pass school test and take the course in 2nd year, every semester can take 9 credit and graduate in 3rd year 2nd semester for oral exam.(if your major courses is not conform NTNU Chemistry should cover it by yourself.)

IX. About the foreigner language ability verification, should pass school English test for over 100 scores or GEPT intermediate level or join school English make-up courses before graduate.

X. The Method is for 104 school years.

XI. If something special will open a meeting and discuss.


All courses can be taught in English

 M.S. Program for 104 school year