Way-Zen Lee
  • Title Research Chair Professor and Head of Department
  • Name Way-Zen Lee
  • Research Bioinorganic Chemistry,  Biomimetic Catalysis, Organometallics
  • Email wzlee@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496106/6133
Minghuey Shieh
  • Title Distinguished Professor
  • Name Minghuey Shieh
  • Research Metal Cluster Chemistry, Organometallics, Material Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
  • Email mshieh@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496118
Ying-Chieh Sun
  • Title Professor
  • Name Ying-Chieh Sun
  • Research Computational biophysical chemistry, Computer - aided drug design
  • Email sun@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496215
Ching-Fa Yao
Kwunmin Chen
  • Title Outstanding Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science
  • Name Kwunmin Chen
  • Research Organic Asymmetric Catalytic Synthesis
  • Email kchen@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496124
Chia-Chun Jay Chen
Wei-Hsiu Hung
Wenwei Lin
  • Title Distinguished Professor
  • Name Wenwei Lin
  • Research Synthetic Methodology, Asymmetric Organic Catalysis
  • Email wenweilin@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496131
Chia-Jung Lu
Jenghan Wang
  • Title Outstanding Professor
  • Name Jenghan Wang
  • Research Physical Chemistry、Materials Chemistry、Computational Chemistry、Solid-state Fuel Cell
  • Email jenghan@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496123
Tun-Cheng Chien
Hsyueh-Liang Wu
  • Title Outstanding Professor
  • Name Hsyueh-Liang Wu
  • Research Organic Chemistry Asymmetric Synthesis Natural Product Synthesis
  • Email hlw@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496142
I-Jy Chang
Sung-Fang Chen
Ming-Kang (Brad) Tsai
  • Title Distinguished Professor
  • Name Ming-Kang (Brad) Tsai
  • Research Computational Chemistry, ChemInformatics, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Renewable Energy Catalysis
  • Email mktsai@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 02-77496217
Yi-Chun Yeh
  • Title Distinguished Professor
  • Name Yi-Chun Yeh
  • Research Biochemistry、Synthetic Biology、Bioenergy、Biosensor
  • Email yichuny@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 02-77496117
Elise Yu-Tzu Li
Chia Her Lin
  • Title Outstanding Professor
  • Name Chia Her Lin
  • Research Inorganic Chemistry、Solid State Chemistry、Hydrothermal Reaction、Metal-Organic Framework(MOF)、Porous Materials
  • Email chiaher@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. (02)77496221
I-Ren Lee
Ling-Hsien Tu
Yi-Hsin Liu
  • Title Associate Professor
  • Name Yi-Hsin Liu
  • Research Inorganic materials for optical, eletrical, magnetic and thermoelectric applications
  • Email yliu@ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. 02-77496116; 77466184 (實驗室)


Cheng-Huang Lin
  • Title Professor
  • Name 洪政雄
  • Office Tel No. 886-2-27898570
Kuei-Hsien Chen


Chong Mou Wang
Ming-Chang P. Yeh
Gaston J. C. Wu
Kung-Chung Hsu
Jia-Jen Ho
Ru-Jang Lin
Bao-tyan Hwang
Chan-Cheng Su
Tai-Shan Fang
Jeng-Shong Shih
Jhy-Ming Horng
 Fang-Yu Hwang
Chang-Shih Huang
Wen-Chang Huang
King-Zone Lee