Ling-Hsien Tu
Name Ling-Hsien Tu
Office Tel No. 02-7749-6157
Title Associate Professor
Year Paper Title
2024 Unraveling the Underlying Mechanisms of Reduced Amyloidogenic Properties in Human Calcitonin via Double Mutations, Protein Science, Apr. 2024
2024 TPE conjugated islet amyloid polypeptide probe for detection of peptide oligomers, Biophysical Chemistry, Jan. 2024
2023 Beta amyloid oligomers with higher cytotoxicity have higher sidechain dynamics, Chemistry – A European Journal, Oct. 2023
2023 Piperic acid derivative as a molecular modulator to accelerate the IAPP aggregation process and alter its antimicrobial activity, Chemical Communications, Aug. 2023
2023 Synthesis of Fe3O4-Chlorophyllin Nanoparticles for Preventing Amyloid Formation by Human Calcitonin, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Jul. 2023
2023 Investigating the inhibitory property of DM hCT on hCT fibrillization via its relevant peptide fragments, Protein Science, Jun. 2023
2023 An environmentally sensitive molecular rotor as a NIR fluorescent probe for the detection of islet amyloid polypeptide, Talanta, vol. 254, Mar. 2023
2022 Aβ42 oligomers can seed the fibrillization of Aβ40 peptides, Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society, Aug. 2022
2022 Dihydrocaffeic acid decorated iron oxide nanomaterials effectively inhibit human calcitonin aggregation, ACS Omega, vol. 7, Aug. 2022
2022 Site specific NMR characterization of abeta-40 oligomers cross seeded by abeta-42 oligomers, Chemical Science, vol. 13, Jun. 2022
2022 Tyrosine 12 of human calcitonin modulates its amyloid formation, membrane binding, and bioactivity, Biochimie, vol. 197, Jun. 2022
2022 The Role of Aldehyde-Functionalized Crosslinkers on the Property of Chitosan Hydrogels, Macromolecular Bioscience, Feb. 2022
2021 Dopamine-Conjugated Carbon Dots Inhibit Human Calcitonin Fibrillation, nanomaterials, vol. 11, Aug. 2021
2021 Exploring the impact of glyoxal glycation on β-amyloid peptide (Aβ) aggregation in Alzheimer's disease, J. Phys. Chem. B, May. 2021
2020 TDP-43 interacts with amyloid-β, inhibits fibrillization, and worsens pathology in a model of Alzheimer’s disease, Nature Communications, vol. 11, Dec. 2020
2020 Role of Lysine Residue of Islet Amyloid Polypeptide in Fibril Formation, Membrane Binding, and Inhibitor Binding, Biochimie, vol. 177, Aug. 2020
2020 A Fluorogenic Molecule for Probing Islet Amyloid Using Flavonoid as a Scaffold Design, Biochemistry, vol. 59, Apr. 2020
2019 Inhibiting Human Calcitonin Fibril Formation with Its Most Relevant Aggregation-Resistant Analog, J. Phys. Chem. B, vol. 123, Nov. 2019
2019 Protein Glycation by Glyoxal Promotes Amyloid Formation by Islet Amyloid Polypeptide, Biophysical Journal, vol. 116, Jun. 2019
2018 Rationally designed divalent caffeic amides inhibit amyloid-β fibrillization, induce fibril dissociation, and ameliorate cytotoxicity, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 158, Oct. 2018
2017 A Free Energy Barrier Caused by the Refolding of an Oligomeric Intermediate Controls the Lag Time of Amyloid Formation by hIAPP, Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 139, Nov. 2017
Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
2021 以第二型糖尿病中有毒蛋白質寡聚體為目標,發展其偵測方式及策略計 畫以調控其生成(1/3) 主持人 2020.08 ~ 2021.07 科技部(原國科會)
2019 光敏性抗菌奈米纖維不織布於傷口敷料上之應用 國立臺灣師範大學 協同/共同主持人 2019.03 ~ 2019.12 其他
2020 探討與氧化壓力相關的異常鍵結修飾對阿茲海默病症β-類澱粉蛋白質聚集的影響 主持人 2018.08 ~ 2020.07 科技部(原國科會)
2018 研究醣化過程造成類澱粉蛋白產生的機制 主持人 2016.12 ~ 2018.07 科技部(原國科會)
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
United States Stony Brook University Department of Chemistry doctor 2008.08 ~ 2014.08
Taiwan National Taiwan Normal University Department of Chemistry master 2003.09 ~ 2005.07
Taiwan National Taiwan Normal University Department of Chemistry Bachelor 1999.09 ~ 2003.06
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
2021.02 ~ Up to today
National Taiwan Normal Univeristy Department of Chemistry Assistant Professor 2016.08 ~ 2021.01
Acdemia Sinica Genomic Research Center Distinguished Postdoctoral Scholars 2014.09 ~ 2016.07