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Department of Chemistry National Taiwan Normal
University Program of Study for Ph. D
101.3.23 Revisedby Course Committee
101.3.23 Approved by Department Affairs Meeting
I. Course Requirements
A.   In the PhD program, every student should earn a minimum of nine one-semester lecture credits (3 course units) in which the following courses must be included:
(1) Two courses from CMD course group, designed for Ph.D. program.
(2) Advanced Techniques for Chemical Research (Offered every other year)
B.   Every graduate student should undertake the Independent Research offered by the research advisor in each semester. Students graduate within four years (8 semesters) must have the same number of Independent Research as the semester spent. After four years in the Ph.D program, the student’s research adviser decides whether the student have to take Independent Research.
C.    All the graduate students must enroll in two semester seminar course and should participate in special subject discussions. (This requirement is for students entering after 2008).
D.   Foreign students must take basic Chinese course before the graduation. (This requirement is for students entering after 2007).
E.    Eighteen credits of combined course and research credit are required for the Ph.D. degree. All the courses offered by the department can be found in Course List for Ph.D. students and the contents are given separately in Course Description.
A.     Cumulative examination for Ph.D. candidate
(1)   Cumulative examination is generally based on the articles in current journals and the newest development of each area.
(2)   Each Ph.D. candidate takes these examinations in one of the following areas: organic, analytical, inorganic, physical, or applied chemistry. Candidate normally takes the area that is his or her research area.
(3)   These written examinations are given twice each semester. Each student is required to pass three examinations by the end of fourth semester. (One time extension is given to legalized excuses).  Each area should have their evaluation standard reported to the Department Affairs Meeting.
(4)   If a student does not pass the cumulative examination by the end of the fourth semester, that student is disqualified as Ph. D. candidate. However, if the student has outstanding research performance and two-third of the professors in the student’s research area proposes to the Department Affairs Meeting, one extension may be granted to the student.
(5)   At the beginning of every year, each research area will form a committee for the cumulative examination, and elect one professor as the chair of the committee to be in charge of the examination. (If necessary, expertise outside the department can be included).
(6)   The scores of each cumulative examination is signed by the chair of the committee for each research area and co-signed by the department chairperson. Department Affairs Meeting will take the final decision in case of any discrepancy happened.
B.     Dissertation
(1)   A pre-oral examination should be arranged for each candidate six-month prior to the final oral examination. Based on the performance in the pre-oral examination, a dissertation committee consists of 3-5 professors including the research advisor will decide whether a final oral can be scheduled. If the candidate fails to qualify in the pre-oral, a second trial can not be scheduled within six-month. Fail the pre-oral twice, the student is disqualified as Ph. D. Candidate.
(2)   A Final Dissertation Committee, composed of 5-7 professors from the list of 8-10 provided from Research Advisor, decides the possibility of the thesis acceptance.
(3)   Other requirements of university must be fulfilled for the award of Ph. D. Degree.
C.     Foreign Language
Ph. D. Candidates must meet one of the following criteria before schedule final oral examination.
(1)   The score of TOEFL test from ETS is above 500 points (or equivalent to the written test)
(2)   At least three published papers.
(3)   Total SCI impact factor for all published papers is above 6.
D.     Publication
Ph. D. Candidates must meet one of the following criteria before schedule final oral.
(1) Two SCI, SSCI, or EI papers published before final oral and one of it must be in Journals that are published outside Taiwan. Candidate must be the first author (exclude research advisor).
(2) Only one paper but published in the Level A Journals of National Science Council list. Candidate must be the first author (exclude research advisor).
E.   The oral can be schedule only when a candidate meets all the above requirements and the approval of the research advisor.
F.      In case, if the candidate wishes to change the research advisor during the program, he or she must meet the requirements in the new research area. In such case, Oral examination is scheduled minimum two years after the change of research advisor.
G.     In case, if the candidate wishes to change, they must choose the professors from the department as the research advisor. Other expertise as research advisor must have the approval from the Department Affairs Meeting.

ps:All courses can be taught in English